Hi everyone, thank you for your patience with me while I went through the photos taken on Sunday. What can be seen here are the images that I felt worked best from what I was able to capture.

If you see a photo that you like and would like take note of the file number under the photo and include it in an email to me and I will email you a copy of the file.

Images will be bundled as per the Packages that were available at the concert:

- 1x Digital Image - $7

- 2x Digital Images - $10

- 1x Printed Image - $10

- 2x Printed Images - $15

If you would like more images than the options listed above, send me an email and we will make a plan.

For those of you who have already ordered images and video, I will be in contact in the next couple of days to organise payment and getting you your images & video. 



Concert 1

Concert 2