SNOW! This was my first thought getting off the tour bus at our hotel, I hadnt seen snow in over 15 years so I felt like a little kid again when I was crunching over the snow walking to the hotel. Switzerland is a country that has beauty where ever you might look, it was hard to take a bad photo while there. As much as I loved the snow, I would like to go back to Switzerland to see what the country looks like when the green is popping!

Gold Mine Shoot

It seems like every one of these blog posts starts this way ... earlier this year I was given the opportunity to go to photography one of the gold mines in Pilbara, North Western Australia. It was a great trip, I met some great people, saw and learnt a lot. These are just a few of the images that I took over the course of 3 days, I had some really positive feedback on the images that were sent through to the client. Im looking to increase my client listing and get out to do some more of this kind of photography.

Gibson Family Shoot

Im lucky enough to come from a pretty big, & close, family, and I am even luckier to have married into a family that is also as close and special. We may a trek out to the Wanneroo Pines for a family day of drinks, eats, laughs and photos, as I have continued to photograph more of these kinds of shoots I have become more confident in what I shoot and how the end results come up. I am really happy with how these images turned out.

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Lowis Wedding

Earlier this year I was asked by some good friends to Photograph their beach wedding, it was such an awesome day. Small, simple and filled with so much fun and love. I am really happy with how these images ended up coming out, and I am happy to say that the happy couple also loved their photos.

If you, or anyone you know, is looking at getting married soon and are needing a wedding photographer dont hestiate to get in touch for a custom wedding packkage made up just for you.


Rome is a city that is steeped in so much history, that ranges through so many different time periods. I love a city that has signs of its past, and with Rome, you cannot look anywhere without seeing something that has been in that same place for hundreds of years. Rome wasn't my favourite city that we visited on our Euro trip, but it was more the people than the city itself.


Paris was a bit of a shock while we were driving in to the city, it looked so run down and nothing like what you see in the movies. But once we were in the heart of the city we were pleasantly surprised, I can say that this city stole my heart. It will always be special to me, not only is it a beautful city, with some really amazing people (which suprised me after hearng the horror stories from other people) but it is also the city I proposed to my. then, girlfriend. It is a day that I can remember so clearly and that makes it truly special to me.

WellBeloved Family Shoot

A couple weeks ago, I went up to Kings Park to photograph a fantastic family. It was such a fun day, we spent a lot of it laughing, which I think comes through in these images. Steve & Mel were great and so relaxed it made my job so much easier.