Where I've Been, What I've Been Up To


It’s been some time since my last post, again, I just can seem to keep these posts a more regular thing.

2018 has been a full on year already, we had our honeymoon to South East Asia which was amazing. You can see the vlogs from that trip here:

Since getting back we have taken on a more frugal living, 2017 was one of the most amazing years, with getting engaged, traveling through Europe, multiple trips to South Africa, and our wedding in Broome ... 2017 was an expensive year.

I’ve slowed down on the photo taking this year to focus on working on private architectural drafting jobs. I’ve been picking up more drafting jobs than anything this year, I’ve found that people are more willing to spend money on drafting work over getting photos done, which has made it a lot more difficult to drum up photo and video work.

That’s been a bit of a downer, because even if it’s taking photos for someone else, I still enjoy the process of taking those photos. My drafting work requires a lot of extra time spent on the computer in the evenings after a long day working my normal hours, and that leaves me feeling tired when I am done.

I am hoping, as the year goes on, I will get to work on some new and exciting projects that will satisfy that creative itch I constantly seem to have! Who knows if I can really get my act together I may even finally get to upgrade my gear, which is in desperate need of an upgrade. But that’s still a long way off, so for the mean time, I will continue to work with what I have an do the best that I can do.

Current Projects: 

Hopefully by putting these down here, I may get my act together and complete them, preferably before creating any new projects for myself ... maybe.

- Website Update. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for some time, I’m still playing with the templates I want to use. 

- Our Wedding Video.  This has been a daunting project, we came home with over 30 hours of video that needs to be looked through.

 - Jodi-Lee and Dylan’s Wedding Photos. Earlier this year I was asked to photograph the wedding of some close friends. It was such a great day and I am really happy with what I was able to capture on the day, I’m sure they will love them. Also manages to capture the speeches and ceremony on video for them, which was cool to get right.

 Shooting Jodie & Dylans Wedding.

Shooting Jodie & Dylans Wedding.

- Melbourne Video. We went to Melbourne in Feb this year, my first time there, and I capture a lot of video content I want to put together.

- South African 2017 Video. On my second trip to SA last year I set out to record the holiday but ended up really despondent with the video because I didn’t capture the right video to tell the story I was hoping for. Now that some time has passed, I want to try do something a little different with that video. But we’ll see, I’m still not sure, if I’m still not happy I will just let this project go.

- Blog Updates. I have a large number of prestarted blog posts that have been building up in the draft section, & it's time to get them finished and posted.

So for now that’s it, I have other thoughts on things I’d like to try. I’ve got a note book that I write any ideas in, so for now they will just stay on the papers of my journal until I clear up my current project list.

I think that’s a decent start to these semi-regular ... I hope, posts. 

See you all soon.