Happy New Year

Happy New Years everyone, 2015 has come and gone in the blink of the eye and 2016 has begun.

I've got a quick video after I'm done talking, showcasing some photos and videos I took throughout 2015, I've got to apologise for the few months that will have no photos in... It was a slow year for photos.


I'm sure, like many of you, the thought of New Year's resolutions tends to be at the forefront of our minds. I've got the pretty generic ones that most of us have, get fit, eat healthy and others like that but I've also got some 'photography' related ones that I'm going to talk more about.

You guys may or may not have noticed that I've been playing with videos more lately, I'd like to put out a weekly vlog/what every kind of video. Got a few ideas on some what kinds of videos I could put out. I want to get out and shoot a lot more photo and video this year, last year was pretty tame compared to the year before so I must make the conscious effort to get out and shoot more.


Leading on from that I'd like shoot a roll of film a week be it 35mm or 120 film on some of my different cameras and film stocks in a 'weekly analogue shoot'. I'm still undecided if I'll leave the film to be developed at the end of the year or develop them as they are shot, who knows ill see how I go.

And again leading on from the weekly film shooting, I want to learn to develop film as well, maybe even make one of the weekly videos my first attempt at developing a roll of film. I'd like to develop my phantom drive video, trying to up the quality of what I am shooting on the phantom


I guess I should talk about my trip off to Southern Africa in the next 6 days, I will be doing a daily vlog video's of what we are up to from day to day. Only problem is that there probably won't be internet access to upload said daily vlogs, so chances are the videos will be compiled into either 1 long video or several video's. It's really Internet dependant. Before we leave I'll be throwing a video together of some of the gear I'll be taking with me on the trip so keep an eye out for that.