Returning to Africa - Planning for a Photographic Adventure.

Hey guys, how are you all going?


Well not long to go now before we jump onto that plane and travel 5000 miles to west to Africa. This is a trip that's been nearly 6 months in the making, so I am very excited to be going back, not only to see the family and friends who are still there, but we are going to be doing things that will make this a once in a lifetime trip around Southern Africa. We will be exploring; South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

On previous holidays away, I have done a video blog of the trip recording my experience's, scenes, & thoughts as I go. These have usually been recorded and edited on my iPhone with some photos that I've copied across from another camera. I want to try and 'up' the production value of how I document this trip, as such I will compiling media captured on the iPhone, GoPro, Sony A7 & the DJI Phantom.

I've been thinking and planning the 'documentation' side of the trip more than just about any trip. The more I've travelled to more I've tried to limit just how much stuff I take with me on a trip. This trip initially set out along the same lengths, but as the months went on I've been adding things to the 'gear I want to take to Africa ... list'