time for an Update.


Greetings everyone, it's been a long time since I last updated the blog or every the site for that matter. My last post was at the beginning of the year, before we flew out to Southern Africa for a month long adventure. It's been a tough time, in terms of my photography, I have had a major drop in desire to get out and shoot and there just hasn't been all that much time to get out anyway, but the bug has bitten again and the itch has been getting stronger.

 Elephants at the Watering Hole in Botswana.

Elephants at the Watering Hole in Botswana.

I've done a few photo shoots and jobs throughout the year, but my personal work has been left to sit on my computer waiting to be looked at. I came home with about 3000 photos & video from Africa that stills needs culling and editing, I have compiled my Vlogs from the trip and they can be seen below. The YouTube playlist video will play through all the video's from the holiday. I have also change the website around so now there is more content on here rather than just the vlog, there will be some more changes and updates as the weeks go on. But for now its on the right track.

My desire to shoot more film is still as high as ever, and the desire to learn to develop my own film is one of my New Years resolutions ... Luckily that will be one resolution I can tick off of the list, I have started a darkroom course that will go through developing my black and white negatives, to printing my images. So far I have developed 2 of my own rolls, and will be starting to play around with prints next.

Along with the darkroom course, I also have a number of ideas that I've been thinking about incorporating into my photo and video work. As well as some major changes to my site, including the option to buy prints of some of my photos. I'll be putting up some possible images to see what people may or may not like and will take it from there.

And finally I will be pushing my photo business more from here on in, I've got a few jobs locked in over the next few weeks. With some possibly larger jobs on the horizon, I'll talk about those more as time goes on. Hopefully I'll be a little better with maintaining this blog/vlog, I'm still playing around with some different ideas on how to keep the blogs/vlogs interesting so lets see how we go.