Japan - Public Transport 日本の公共交通機関

Greetings everyone, well here is the first in a series of Japanese post's that I have lined up. You may have noticed an audio file just above this blog text, by playing the audio you can get a greater ‘sensory experience’ with this blog post; this concept is something that I’ve been playing around with for some time. Hopefully it will do what I am hoping it will, let me know in the comments below what you think.

Public transport in Japan is terrifyingly daunting to wrap your head around if you are a first time traveller looking at the multi-coloured spaghetti maps that make up Tokyo’s train system, but it is also such an amazing thing to try work out and experience. The efficiency of the system is fantastic; you never have worry about having to wait long for a train to where ever you are going.

If you enjoy people watching, like I do, then you will have a great time just standing on the platforms watching everyone go about their lives in the hustle and bustle of life in Tokyo.