Black & White Architecture

Greetings everyone.

Well I really haven't been good at keeping these posts going, it's been pretty crazy since my last post. Also I haven't really been out taking that many photos lately, hopefully that'll change soon. If not I do have a ton of images that are in my back catalogue that I haven't even looked at yet. I'll do a proper, 'Self Update' soon so I'll leave all those juicy details for later. Rather lets look at some photos I have taken recently.

Architecture has been a subject that I've loved with for a very long time, it's a major reason why I work in the field as well. When I started my photography I was shooting architecture in more abstract ways, tending to focus on some of the architectural details rather than the building/structure as a whole. It was a great way to get into photography in general as I learnt a lot about composition and lighting, also buildings don't change ... well normally they really shouldn't. Photographing buildings is very different, compared to say model or fashion photography. Directing people is something I am still learning to feel comfortable doing, so being free to photograph a building at my leisure is what inspired me to try different types of shooting and helped me boost my confidence in my photographic ability

I haven't really don't much architectural photography for a long time, and it was an opportunity through work that got the architectural photographic inspired juices flowing again. Since then I've started to shoot more and have also invested in a nice 17-40mm wide angle lens. I've had a blast getting to play with the super wide focal range. It really isn't a range that I've ever shot at before. With these images, I have always loved Black and White photography as well so mixing the high contrast of B&W with the architectural lines creates an interesting look.

Anyway I hope you’ve enjoyed these, let me know in the comments below what you think. Otherwise I will be back with some more posts soon.